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The release is performed through GitHub Actions. The necessary credentials to tag in GitHub and to push to Maven Central (Sonatype) already exists as secrets in the quarkiverse organization.

Perform the release

To perform a release, one must provide a Pull-request changing the current-version and next-version properties in the .github/project.yml file.


  current-version: "2"
  next-version: "999-SNAPSHOT"    
  • current-version: The released version
  • next-version: The next development version

Once the pull-request is merged, the release.yml workflow is triggered, which will perform a mvn release:prepare release:perform to deploy the released version to Sonatype Nexus and push the generated tags once the process is complete.


The Pull Request needs to come from a branch in the origin repository. Right now, for security reasons, secrets are not propagated to forks, even for Pull Requests opened to the original repository (https://github.community/t5/GitHub-Actions/Github-Workflow-not-running-from-pull-request-from-forked/m-p/33547/highlight/true#M1555)

After the release is performed, create a GitHub release, so projects using your extension may know what have been changed when dependabot kicks in.


Release fails while deploying the integration tests

Integration tests are not supposed to be released. They should be versioned when preparing a release, but should never be deployed to the Sonatype OSSRH Nexus. There is a small trick you can do if you have an integration-tests module in your project. In your parent POM add the following profile:


This will ensure that when the mvn release:perform is triggered (with the -DperformRelease flag set) the integration-tests module is skipped.