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New Quarkiverse Project Steps

These are the steps to be followed by Quarkiverse owners when onboarding a new project. Those instructions are meant for the Quarkiverse team when there is a new Quarkiverse extension project request by contributors/maintainers. We also provide instructions to get an extension onboarded in the Quarkiverse for contributors/maintainers.

Considering the following extension to create:

artifact-id: quarkus-the-ext
group-id: io.quarkiverse.theext
name: Quarkus - The Ext
  1. Generate the Quarkiverse extension project using the Quarkus Maven plugin (the prefixes and names are automatically computed following the Quarkiverse conventions):
mvn io.quarkus:quarkus-maven-plugin:create-extension -U \
-DgroupId=io.quarkiverse.theext -DextensionId=the-ext
  1. Create a repository named quarkus-the-ext and push the new code
  2. Create a quarkiverse-the-ext team and invite the maintainers. Add to the project with Write permissions
  3. Create an issue in the repository to trigger the all-contributors bot and automatically update the README.md by commenting on the issue (eg. https://github.com/quarkiverse/quarkus-freemarker/issues/9)
  4. Enable the extension in the Quarkus Ecosystem-CI by creating an issue in the Quarkiverse repository and referencing it in the info.yaml file.
  5. Add the extension documentation repository to the Quarkiverse Documentation Antora descriptor.
  6. Add the extension to the Quarkus Extension Catalog
  7. Close the original issue in the quarkusio/quarkus repository, add a comment containing the repository link to the extension maintainer(s) and provide instructions on the next steps:
    • When the extension is ready, announce on quarkus-dev mailing list with the repo location, maintainer(s) and a description/context.